Welcome to PavProofed, a real, reliable and affordable proofreading service for students, graduate jobseekers and marketers.

PavProofed specialises in proofreading, copyediting and formatting an array of documents, from personal statements and essays to CVs and cover letters.

With PavProofed, you can ensure that your work is accurate, easy to read and up to academic or professional standard.



Proofreading involves correcting errors and mistakes as to spelling, punctuation and grammar, verb tense, syntax and the like. With PavProofed, you can trust that the accuracy of your work will be excellent.


PavProofed improves the clarity of your work by overwriting and suggesting the addition of words and sentences where necessary to ensure that your argument or intention is clear, precise and consistent.


From headings and paragraphing to cover pages and bibliographies, PavProofed provides the appropriate formatting for your work to make it appear cleaner, sharper and more attractive.

Why PavProofed?

Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar is vital in any academic or professional document for a variety of reasons. For instance, it demonstrates that you can communicate in a clear and competent manner, that you pay attention to detail and that you take pride in the presentation of your work; skills that all professors and employers seek.

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