This service is incredible. Soph picked out many issues that I would never have spotted myself and saved me hours staring into my computer screen. Not only did she correct the things you would expect, such as grammar and spelling, but she also corrected formatting and some word-choice which made me come across far more confidently in my cover letter. Soph also gave me positive feedback which is a nice change to other more robot-like checking services I have used in the past. Couldn’t recommend PavProofed more.

Georgia, Paralegal from Kent

Great Service! I contacted PavProofed to get some help with my CV. I think it’s essential to get another person’s opinion on what can be improved as it’s often difficult to see for your self. The service was really efficient and I received timely feedback. There was a good balance of both positive points and things to improve, all delicately told in a constructive way. I would encourage anyone to use PavProofed. It gave me both the support I needed and confidence in my own ability.

Zoe, Marketer from Surrey

Through PavProofed I was able to gather an amazing personal statement for my UCAS applications. I just about passed English so my writing skills were not that amazing, but Sophie was an amazing help, helping to modify my personal statement which in fact got me offers from all 5 universities (2 unconditional offers being from esteemed universities). This site was able to help me out on not only one occasions, but two. The second time I was able to get my History A-Level coursework proofread, giving me a better predicted grade for my A-Levels. I would highly recommend this company. Extremely affordable yet heavily efficient!!!

Iqra, A level student from London